What do I wear for Senior Pictures?

Congratulations High School or University senior! I am so glad you are taking the time and effort to get photos of this pivotal time in your life. You will love having professional portraits to look back on. But choosing what to wear can be difficult! Here are my tips for what to wear to your senior photoshoot:

1. Choose two or three outfits. 

One dressy/formal outfit and one casual outfit. 

A third can be a sport uniform or something that represents your hobbies or interests.

2. Stay away from bold patterns or clothes that are too ‘busy’. 

They detract from your face, which should be the focus! 

Neutral colors and solids are a good choice. 

Layers are always great and add interest.

3. Wear something that is comfortable and fits well! 

You don’t want to be constantly fussing with your outfit, or appear stiff because of improper fit.

4. Plan your shoes and jewelry as well! 

Choosing an entire, cohesive outfit ahead of time will minimize stress on the day of your shoot, and it will ensure you look great from head to toe.

5. Most importantly, wear something that you love and that you feel good in!

 The ‘rules’ are great as a guideline and a starting point, but if you always wear Hawaiian shirts and want to wear a floral top for your photos, do it! Your photoshoot is about you and should portray YOU!

Some examples of senior photo outfits:

For girls: A dressy look of a flowy dress with dressy shoes, or black pants with a dressy top. 

A casual look with a pair of jeans, a solid color top paired with a cardigan, and sandals or canvas shoes.

For boys: A formal look with a button up shirt and blazer, khakis, and dress shoes. 

A casual look of a polo shirt or button up with sleeves rolled up and jeans with casual shoes. 

For both: A sport uniform or activity specific outfit and/or the props (volleyball, football, climbing gear, paintbrush and pallet, musical instrument, etc.) 

Now go rock your senior pictures, and good luck getting through finals!

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